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Providing big-drill performance in a smaller machine, the Great Plains 1300F include Heavy-duty openers which feature hydraulically adjustable down pressure for consistent seed placement along the full width of the unit. Its rugged construction, combined with a superior opener system, make the unit ideal for minimum-till conditions. The weatherproof seed box features a 3.2 bu./ft…. Read more »


The 1200 & 1500 3-Point Drills are 12′ (3.66m) and 15′ (4.57m) Mounted Min-Till Drills that, when combined with a CPH (Center Pivot Hitch), turns into a formidable no-till machine. Our 12′ (3.66m) and 15′ (4.57m) 3-Point Drills can be matched to fit your specific needs for accurate seed placement in varying field conditions and… Read more »


Our Great Plains 8′ (2.43m) Min-Till Drill (800) uses the field-proven 00 Series Opener to properly place seed. This rugged opener utilises 13-1/2″ (34cm), 4mm thick disk blades with 205 triple lip seals for long life. It also features full length seed tubes and an 18-position T-handle press wheel to precisely control depth. Changing the… Read more »


Great Plains designed its 5′ (154m) 3P500 and 6′ (1.83m) 3P600 Min-Till Drill to get into places big drills simply can’t – like wooded areas, orchards, and vineyards. It is ground-driven and is excellent for seeding into fully prepared and minimum tillage plots. They feature 4-speed gearboxes for fast seed rate changes. It has a… Read more »