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Mechanical drill

Seed with confidence with Great Plains mechanical drills

Great Plains mechanical drills are built to deliver accurate seed placement and consistent emer-gence, even in challenging conditions. Our reliable and versatile designs ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact for improved crop establishment and maximised yield potential. Three things must be done well to maximise yield: seed spacing, seed depth, and seed-to-soil contact without sidewall compaction. Great Plains drills are designed and built using these principles. No matter what your farming practices, we have the right grain drill to fit your seeding needs.

Adaptability for every application with Great Plains mechanical drills

Versatility is an important feature of Great Plains mechanical drills. Whether you’re seeding a no-till, minimum-till or conventional tillage system, our drills offer unmatched adaptability. With ad-justable row spacing and seed rate control, you can tailor your seeding operation to suit your specific cropping practices and field conditions, ensuring optimal results every time. Great Plains mechanical drills boast several features that enhance their adaptability, such as the multiple-row spacing options. You can choose from a range of row spacing options to accommodate diverse cropping practices and seed types.

Precision seeding redefined with Great Plains mechanical drills

Embrace the future of farming with Great Plains mechanical drills. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures precise seed placement, regardless of field conditions or terrain. From small grains to cover crops, our drills provide uniform seed depth and spacing, setting the stage for superior crop emergence and uniformity. Built to withstand the rigours of daily use in the field, our equip-ment is engineered with high-quality materials and precision engineering. With minimal mainte-nance requirements and intuitive design features, you can trust Great Plains to keep your opera-tion running smoothly season after season.

Contact your local dealer today to discover the difference that Great Plains mechanical drills can make in your farming operation.