No Till

Ideal for food plots, pasture renovation or food production, the 1006NT 10′ (3.05m) end-wheel drill is durable and combines the productivity of a large drill with a compact drill’s versatility.

This 10′ (3.05m) end wheel no-till drill is perfect for seeding into pasture renovations and food plots. It has long been used by roadside construction outfits who rent out machines that are simple to operate, yet durable enough to be returned, ready to rent out again.

Standard equipment include seed, small seed and fertiliser attachment with agitator.

The 1006NT Drill features large end wheels designed for unmatched ground gauging in rugged terrain. In addition, the inline end wheels minimise sideloading on contours and side-hills, dramatically extending the life of the no-till openers. Other features include 4-speed gearboxes, automatic clutch that disengages when the drill is lifted, and rain-tight lids for maximum seed and fertiliser protection. With seed and fertiliser boxes its versatility is unmatched as well. Coulter blade is our exclusive 5/8″ (16mm) Turbo blades.


Exclusive Great Plains fluted feed cup delivers outstanding accuracy. Whether the seed you are drilling is small, large, or fragile, our time-proven metering system will deliver the rate you choose, evenly and gently.


Add standard tractor weights to the weight brackets for even better penetration in tough no-till conditions.


Disengages all drive components, reducing wear and tear during transport.


Folds the tongue in half to use less storage space.

The 06 Series Row unit by Great Plains utilises the “fluff and Plant” no-till system with an intergrally mounted coulter to cut residue and prepare a mini seedbed for the trailing double disc opener.

Opener discs are 13.5″ (34cm) in diameter with 4mm thick blades, 205 triple-lip sealed bearings, and 1/4″ (19mm) opener disc lead.

A unique seed tube design and trailing flap control the seed all the way to the bottom of the seed trench where the seed stays in place.

Pre loader coulter springs offer 405lbs. (204kg) of down pressure per row on the leading coulter with a range of 90 to 180lbs (41kg to 82kg) of consistent down-pressure on press wheels.

Primary DesignEnd Wheel No-Till End Wheel No-Till
Tractor AttachmentDrawbar Drawbar
Row Spacings7.5" (19.1 cm)7.5" (19.1 cm)
Number of Openers1515
Tire size9.00 x 24 8-ply297/75R 22.5 Rib Truck Tires
HP Requirements (min)75 hp75+
Weight (approx.)4,500 lbs* (2,041 kg)5,290-6,100 lbs. (2,400-2,767 kg)
Working Width10' (3.05 m)12' (3.66m)
Width12'7" (3.84 m)15' 7" (4.78m)
Length (Transport)13'10" (4.22 m)13' 7" (4.14m)
Clearance (Transport)13.5" (34.29 cm)13.5" (34.3cm)
Height (Transport)6'7" (2.0 m)7' (2.13m)
Opener Series06 Series06 Series
Opener Travel6.5" (16.51 cm)6.5" (16.51 cm)
Opener Depth Range0-3.5" (0-8.89 cm)0-3.5" (0-8.89 cm)
Opener Down Pressure90-180 lbs (40.82-81.64 kg)90-180 lbs (40.82-81.64 kg)
Coulter5/8" Turbo5/8" Turbo
Coulter pre-load450 lbs (203 kg)451 lbs (203 kg)
Main Box Capacity25 bu. (837L)28.8 bu (1015L)
Small Seed Box2.4 bu. (85L)2.62 bu (92.3L)
Fertiliser9.2 cu./ft. (261L)12 cu ft (342L)
Standard Factory Equipment
Presswheel3x13 Center Rib3x13 Center Rib
Coulter5/8" Turbo5/8" Turbo
Box Option - Seed and Fertiliser w/Small Seed (47)
Folding Tongue
Clevis with ball hitch
Agitator w/o drive